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The topic was discussed in an educational forum to the auto industry.


Tuesday, December 26, 2017 11:17 am EST


San Juan-December 22, 2017
"Our economy is going through tough times, it is imperative to continue offering tools to help businesses prosper."

Aware of the need to offer initiatives that encourage the economic development of Puerto Rico, Popular Auto celebrated the second edition of the Popular Auto Academy. At the event, aimed at managers and owners of dealers, attendees received information and important tools for the development and management of their business in topics such as economy, service, consumption and leadership. "Our economy is going through tough times, it is imperative to continue offering tools to help businesses prosper. ", indicated Antolín Velasco, President of Popular Auto. The activity took place at the facilities of the Europa Center in Santurce.

Graham Castillo, from Estudios Técnicos, spoke economic perspectives for the car industry and presented a positive projection for the market for the next months. Among the factors that impact this projection are: disbursements of insurance claims, damaged vehicles to be replaced, injection of money from FEMA funds, and the fact that the decrease in auto sales, in the immediate period after the atmospheric phenomena, was lower than expected.

In addition to the Estudios Técnicos’ conference, the attendees also had the opportunity to learn about leadership and customer service, with conferences from the prestigious Live2Lead Program, review on issues like Risk Indicators and Fair Lending, learn the importance of Business Succession and receive important data about consumer behavior in Puerto Rico post María by Gaither International.

In the topic of leadership, the customers who attended the workshop heard John Maxwell who shared the presentation of Leadership by Influence. In it, the renowned lecturer shared different experiences and recommendations in this area, both professionally and personally.

To complement the service theme at the Popular Auto Academy, Cheryl Bacheler, who was President of the Popeye's Company, also part of Live2Lead 2017, shared her service and disposition experiences with the conference Dare to Serve. Both conferences, by John Maxwell and Bacheler, were possible through video as a collaboration from Assurant Company, who was part of the event.

As for Business Succession, Zaida Montalvo and Yolanda Rosich, from Popular One, took the opportunity to explain and clarify, in a general way, some myths about this topic and illustrate the importance of preparing an effective succession plan, according to the business needs and applicable laws.

To close the afternoon, one of the topics that generated more interest among the attendees was Consumer Behavior Post-Maria, by Gilberto Castro from Gaither.  Some of the facts shared in his presentation reaffirms how the lack of energy has changed the way consumers are informed, consumer trends regarding the automobile industry, at the local level, and the satisfaction of car owners with their car according to brands, demographic segments and the indicators that motivate the purchase of a new vehicle.

All the themes and resources were designed considering the needs of the concessionaires. "The data shared during this edition of the Popular Auto Academy, both in the economic aspect and leadership, offer our dealership customers a clearer and first-hand perspective that will allow them to design strategies and identify opportunities for the development of their respective businesses ", concluded Velasco, reiterating the commitment of the industry that he presides with its clients.

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